You deserve what you settle for…

I was looking back at my personal blog and found this posting that I had made last year.  This statement is one that struck me to the core  and correlates to business and life in so many ways.  It is so important to raise a high bar when we are developing our businesses, holding our teams accountable and hiring our people; settling for less often creates many more bottlenecks, leaves people with a bad taste in their mouth and compromises our branding.  The most amazing connection is the one between work and life…when you settle at work, are you also settling in our personal life?  What is the benefit in doing so? What is the cost in doing so?  Such a great exercise to reflect on.  Below is the original post:

You deserve what you settle for… 

Ever read something and it completely knocks you on your ass and suddenly things just become clear? One day I stumbled upon “You deserve what you settle for” and clarity literally smacked me right in the face! A statement that really just sums up most of my past learning’s; think of all the times you failed to act quickly or delay decisions that you know needed to be made. Then you end up in a situation where you are not happy or feel disappointed and all the while you could have changed things much sooner (when your internal gauge started to tell you something was wrong or the situation/person didn’t match your values). Is it a bold statement to think that we deserve what we get if we’re not willing to change things on our own? I felt so much freedom with this realization…if I settled for less then mediocre…well then I got what I deserved!

Isn’t it so amazing that life is all based on our ability to make choices and take responsibility for the results that we get? Sometimes the lessons sting, but then again the learning’s are a sweet reward if you choose to find it.
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