Complacency: The Silent Business Killer

Is your business suffering from complacency?  Is everything “good” and are you “comfortable” with your results?  I’ve posted below an article from INC magazine highlighting Complacency as a silent business killer.  Mediocrity in business is seen on so many levels, and often times it is  propelled by ego and an inability to self reflect.  In order to push your business to greatness, it takes leadership that is willing to constantly look at what is working and what isn’t working and provide action-orientated initiatives based on these findings.  It also requires open communication from all angles of the business: from employees and costumers providing feedback, to leaders giving leaders coaching and feedback and all the while, everyone is working towards a longterm vision for the business.

A good indication if you are falling into the dark hole of complacency is the thou use the word “good” for most responses about your business.  It’s impossible for things to always be good and for everything to be fine.  Also, there is a fine balance between critically analyzing your obstacles and continuously complaining without any action.  As a leader, be the inspiration that your team needs to drive your business each day to the next level.  Take the time to hear the people around you and reflect on their words…they are what drives your business and without them you don’t have one.  Your community holds the answers to all of your business needs, give them a chance and you will see how valuable they are to growing your business.

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Complacency: The Silent Business Killer

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