Creating Sustainable Performance

The attached article “Creating Sustainable Results” by Harvard Business Review highlights the most important piece of every business out there!  It’s a must read for all leaders who really want to create an environment of top performers, financial success, and leaving a foot print of ethical standards for others to follow.  Its key to note that when I talk about “happy employees,”  I mean the ones that truly feel fulfilled, heard in their workplace, and the ones that produce great results.  I’m not talking about “happy employees” that are left alone, are not held to any metrics and really don’t want to do any work.

It’s really quite simple, happy employees=thriving business metrics that can last a life time if you can keep your employees engaged.  It’s certain that you’ll get stronger results from happy employees because they have more energy to give to the business.  Have you ever noticed how much energy and time unhappy employees waste; they are constantly thinking and communicating how unhappy they are, while happy employees are busy getting things done and constantly growing.  Take sometime to critically analyze your workplace; is this a place that you would thrive in?  How would you want to be treated if you were the employee?

Hope you enjoy the article…happy reading!

Creating Sustainable Performance

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