Do you suffer from Procrastination?

By nature, I am a procrastinator.  I love to do things when I’m “in the mood” or when I “feel like it” and one of my signature descriptors has been, “I do some of my best work when I’m under-pressure”.  In order to succeed in juggling many projects, priorities, schooling and most importantly motherhood; I have to turn on my ultra-organized switch and maintain a tight routine so that I accomplish the goals I’ve set.  Although this has not been the natural me, I quickly learned that I need the skill in order to succeed!  Interestingly enough, I am also much more productive when I have a set fitness schedule for the week; I notice a big change when my routine gets off-set, I suddenly start to see my productivity levels decrease (and so does my energy).  Being a leader requires us to know what makes us tick so that we are one step ahead of the game.  It is important to understand where our weaknesses lie so that we can make better decisions in the moment.  Check out the article link below by Fast Company to get a few more tips to end procrastination!

Get back to work by meeting procrastination head on!

Some steps to take if you are a procrastinator:

  1. Every time you feel like putting something off, write it down.  There might be a distinct pattern that you will see after doing this exercise for a month.  Perhaps you hate doing paperwork, or answering messages?  Maybe it’s a certain time of day where you procrastinate more then others?  All great questions to ask yourself.
  2. Once you detect a pattern, you can decide to delegate that specific task or perhaps schedule time each day to focus just on that one task?
  3. Schedule everything!  If you tend to procrastinate and area always “flying by the seat of your pants”; then write everything down and ensure that you stick to your schedule.  Your daytime will be your new best friend; but again you need to train yourself to use it each day sot hat you start to create a new habit for yourself.
  4. Start your day off my writing or modifying your ongoing to-do list.  I like to highlight things when I;m done so that at the end of my day, I can see everything that I have accomplished and I know what to move over to the next day.  Starting you day this way will also help you prioritize your to-do list.
  5. Set yourself some goals each day!  It feels so good to reach goals and to push yourself to amazing lengths.
  6. Share your learning’s!  Those who are around you can help support your journey and help hold you accountable.


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